To this traveler, there are no more reassuring hands. I wish Travis Burt lived closer to London.


Ian McKellen

I have traveled the world receiving massages. I use them not as a means to relax, as much as an integral part of keeping healthy. This is why I personally enjoy a deep tissue message to fight stress, jet lag and stiffness caused by my every day life. Since it is such a routine and necessary part of my life, I can honestly say Travis Burt stands out as the best therapist I have come across. It is not an exaggeration to call him the best in the world.

Michael Haussman

Travis has been massaging me and my husband for the past few years. He is always on time and extremely professional. And of course, he gives a wonderful massage. He gets to the root of any problem I’ve had physically using both his knowledge of human anatomy and his intuition. After my first massage with him, I noticed changes immediately with a long-standing injury I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Lisa Brenner

Hot Rock Massage with Travis – WOW!!! This almost decadent experience is one that relaxes me at a very deep and healing level. It feels almost ceremonial in nature because Travis works with, and moves the rocks, in a slowly choreographed dance. The rocks are smooth and comforting. They are placed on top of body parts, as well as under the back. The massage happens mostly with the surface of the rocks being used rather than hands. I find that the weight, as well as the warmth, help me let go of tension and allows my body to regain its natural balance. This is definitely a treat to do – perhaps in-between other, more traditional, massage techniques. However, I have been going once a week for awhile and find that I am sleeping more soundly and have an enhanced feeling of peace.

Susan C

My best friend treated me to a gift certificate for my birthday… it was the best gift EVER! Travis is amazing and absolutely doesn’t dissapoint- even if you are a massage connosseur like me! I had been having problems with my neck and back that hadn’t responded to chiropractic treatments, and now I feel great. I am really impressed with his knowledge and wide range of treatments and skills, and I have already referred several of my friends to him! I can’t wait to try the carniosacral therapy.

Sarah Kozer

Travis Burt recently gave me a Craniosacral Massage and it was a wonderful experience. After the massage I felt unbounded joy and a lightness of heart that I am still carrying with me now. I believe that everyone could benefit from Travis’ Craniosacral Massage. He is an intuitive massage therapist who understands the spiritual aspect of his work. I’m thrilled to have found him, as I’m sure you will be too.

Michele Barone

Travis Burt is the best masseur – the most knowledgeable technically and the most intuitive I have ever had. Whether I am suffering from sports injuries, migraines- my plague- or spiritual, mental or work fatigue, he cures it with his hands and techniques. He is the master of many. His study of the body and various practices is voluminous and literally at his fingertips, I can’t more highly recommend anyone and I have seen body therapists around the world.

Lynda Obst

I am a licensed massage therapist. I have been a therapist for over 10 years and have also been receiving massage for just as long. To date, I have never had a better massage from anyone else. Travis Burt’s deep tissue therapy is a combination of art, medicine and intuition. His work blows me away as both a colleague, former massage instructor and client.

Jeannette Daneals

I have found Travis to be very competent at massage therapy. When telling him what my problems are, he explains the inner workings of my body, gives me exercises to do and goes right to the trouble spot. He does not treat me like an idiot and tells me what he is finding. I wish he lived near me still. It would be a monthly visit.

Steven in VT

I have had body work done for many years and from massage therapists in some of the finest spas in the world. Travis is, without a doubt, very skilled, intuitive with wonderful techniques. He has great healing energy and he’s a really nice guy. The 1st time he came to my home, I felt a little unsettled as a male (I didn’t know) was coming into my home and I was there alone. I solved that issue by calling several neighbors and telling them I was home alone, nude with a strange man… that all melted away as soon as I opened the door and felt his warm and safe energy… I get his miraclous hands and energy weekly. I consider it part of my healthy lifestyle.

Colleen Baker