Massages Frequently Asked Questions

Why get a massage?

While most clients seem to come in when they have pain, I believe that massage is most effective as a preventative measure and receiving massage before there is a problem can stop problems from occurring. Studies in premature babies show incredible improvements in health for babies that receive massage indicate the health benefits for any age. Incorporating massage into your life/workout routine helps prevent injuries, improves immune system function, heal old injuries you might not be aware of, frees restrictions that are holding back your performance and heals injuries that are plaguing you. If you compete in sports massage can help increase your performance, however never start to receive massage right before a competition, rather start while you are training, getting a massage right before you are competing will change the way you move and can distract from your game if you are not used to it’s effect. Benefits of receiving regular massages are cumulative, starting a regular massage routine is one of the best health care moves anyone could make. The biggest benefit is just to make you more aware of your body, making it possible to identify a problem in its earliest point and stop it before it stops you.

How long have I been a massage therapist?

I have practiced for over 14 years now, I love massage and can’t imagine doing anything else.

What massage is right for me?

With all the treatments I offer it can sometimes be difficult to decide which massage is right for you. You should first read over the descriptions I have for each of the massage techniques I offer, then consider what you want to accomplish with your massage. Do you want to be rubbed all over, do you have something in particular that you want extra focus on (your back or your feet for a whole hour), do you want deep or light work, or to try something different like Reiki, Craniosacral or Hot Stone. You should discuss all your concerns with your massage therapist to determine which massage will fit you best today.

Why is Deep Tissue so intense?

When doing Deep Tissue it can often be intense, to understand why you need to understand how muscle builds. You might have heard the statement “Let go get ripped at the gym”. This is because when you workout you cause micro tiers in the muscle, causing swelling which is part of why you feel sore after a strong workout. The body then patches these tiers with collagen fibers, the problem is that these collagen fibers run in every direction while muscle fibers run in just one. This causes the muscles fibers to get stuck together making the muscle unable to move smoothly through its full range of motion and this limit to motion can lead to very bad notts. When Deep Tissue gets intense we are breaking up the collagen fibers that are going against the muscle grain, in effect “damaging” the muscle so it can heal properly. This leads to a little swelling the next day while the body cleans up the “damage”.

Do I get completely undressed?

During the massage you are covered with a sheet, only the parts of your body that are being worked on are exposed, areas that are not worked on are never exposed. Most massage uses oils and gliding strokes so the more you expose the more of that kind of massage we can do. I can only do strokes that go from your ankle to your shoulder and down your arm if you are undressed. However, I do fully clothed massage with Chair massage, Crainiosacral, Reflexology, Russian Sports massage and some Deep Tissue. Just remember if you can’t relax in your massage your doing no good for yourself.

How do I book a massage at my home, hotel or office?
Call or email me:
(310) 741-8569

If you want an at home massage please consider the following:

  • Do you have the room for a massage table at your home in an area that is private? That needs to include room to move around the table.
  • In-home massage is more expensive but can be much better than having to drive to get the massage then drive home.
  • Are there a lot of distractions at your home, if so, getting away to a relaxing spa can be wonderful and better than an in-home massage.
  • Parking is also a problem in LA so be thinking of where I can find parking if you are considering an in-home massage. Any parking fees will be added to the original price of the massage.
  • Distance is also a factor, if you are over 20 miles from my home I charge an additional $20.00 dollars travel fee.