Reiki Energy Massage

Travis S. Burt is a Third Degree Reiki. Travis uses Reiki in every massage along with the training he has in Chi Gong and Tai Chi Chaun. It comes through as the heat in his hands, the intuitive feel he uses to find problem areas and the smooth flow of his technique.

I have always had “hot hands” but after receiving just the first degree of Reiki attunements the heat increased. While I use Reiki in all my massages I also do a pure Reiki massage. In this massage I work solely on the energy body or your aura, often not touching the body, intuitively feeling where my hands need to go and how long they should stay. It is difficult to explain as it is an instinctive technique. I stop trying to think about what I am doing, I get out of my own way and let my body/energy do what it knows needs to be done. At a very basic level Reiki is me giving you energy so you can vibrate at a higher level. This is almost the same thing as when you meditate. You can use a Reiki or Cranial Sacral massage to help your meditation by cultivating the feeling you have when receiving either Reiki or Cranial Sacral and trying to recapture the sensation in your meditation.

I have seen many unusual reactions in my 13+ years of practicing massage and they tend to happen in the energy massages. This is related to what is called spontaneous movement in yoga and other body movement classes. Spontaneous movement can be anything from uncontrolled movement, rolling on the ground, hitting yourself, shouting, laughing, crying, and many others. I have just been holding a clients head in my hands when suddenly their whole body started to tremble on the table. I have also been working on the chest of one client when they came up off the table 6 times making retching noises while looking at me like they were going crazy. It is a very strange sensation when just by having someone lightly touch you your body responds spontaneously. My favorite quote was “How is this happening? You re not doing anything.” Keep in mind; most Reiki sessions have only minor body movement, maybe a twitch or something like that. Reiki is also going to work on your emotions and emotional release is a possibility.

Emotional release can happen in any massage; however it seems to happen more in deep tissue and even more often in Reiki and Cranial Sacral. Emotional release can be anything from just feeling like a weight is lifted off your shoulders to visuals of past trauma, laughing, crying and many other emotions. This process can happen for days after a treatment as well. One client reported breaking out in tears at the breakfast table with her husband and when he asked if she was ok, she felt fine, she wasn’tupset, just crying, her body needed to finish its release. Keep in mind, most Reiki sessions don’t create huge emotional movements, but if they do, just breathe through it and remember it is part of the healing process.

A History of Reiki

Reiki is a technique that was rediscovered in Japan with a Buddhist monk, Master Mikao Usui. It is believed that Master Usui was concerned with how Buddha healed through divine love and followed a twenty-eight year quest to rediscover Buddha’s method of healing. Another account states he was a dean of a small Christian university in Kyoto who resigned to rediscover how Jesus healed. Master Usui studied the Japanese Lotus Sutras, the Chinese Sutras, and finally, the Sanskrit Sutras of Tibet. Seeking enlightenment, Master Usui then went on a spiritual Pilgrimage on Mount Kuri Yama where he fasted and meditated for twenty-one days. He set twenty-one stones before him, to count the days, and as he threw the last one away, he was struck by a powerful light in the middle of the forehead. Out of the rainbow of color that he envisioned came the symbols and colors that are the key to Reiki practice.