Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral(or cranial-sacral) Therapy involves assessing the cranial system, the third pulse of the body, and balancing the flow of energy.

The cranial system is made up of the skull, spine, sacrum, duramater(connective tissue that encases the skull, spine and sacrum), and facial tissues (connective tissue that encases all your muscle fibbers, muscles, organs, ect. Kind of like a myelin sheath that holds your body in its shape). The pulse is caused by the duramater filling with cerebral spinal fluid and then draining of fluid, the pulse is also felt through the facial tissue connection to the duramater causing arms and legs to rotate back and forth with the cranial pulse.

Craniosacral Unwinding (like a guided tai chi, to you it feels like I’m just moving a part of your body, to me I am following where it wants to go), light pressure (5 grams or the weight of a nickel, on your head) and reiki energy massage(an energy balancing technique that I use in all my massages, but I use it most in cranial) is then used to correct any dysfunction of the cranial system.

Benefits To Craniosacral Therapy

While not a massage (no rubbing, if you want to be massaged cranial will be disappointing), cranial/energy massage is very good at bringing a relaxed/meditative state (a good tool to help anyone with there own meditation), pain relief for headaches, body aches, ect.

I have also found it to be effective with helping relieve vertigo and other tmj related symptoms. Emotional release (everything from laughter to crying to just feeling a weight from your shoulders) is also common with cranial.