Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and has recently regained popularity largely through the efforts of Mary Nelson. It was 1993 when she began receiving guidance from her Native American Spirt guide to develop. Each day as Mary worked, she was guided to add more stones to the treatment, combining hot basalt, jade and petoskya with marble, jade and sardonyc cold stones. The hot and cold used to increase circulation and balance the Chakras. This led to many spas starting Hot Stone Massage, which doesn’t use cold stones, and can be very good or very bad depending on the therapist.

I have found my own experience with stones to be similar to Mary’s in that I have felt guided as I used the stones after my first training and developed my own style of Hot Stones. My clients have called my Hot Stone treatment a very round massage in the way it flows, I dance around the table, my breathing combining with Native American drum beats in a way where clients have commented on thinking my breath was part of the music. I start the dance, careful laying Hot Stones on the sheet, up the spine along the Chakras to sit and balance your energy while I massage the legs with one or two Hot Stones at a time. Through out the Hot Stone massage various Hot Stones are left on the body at energy centers, between the toes, on the face, while other Hot Stones are used to for massage. All Hot Stones are dragged off the body through the Chakras on the bottom of the feet and hands, they often feel “sticky” or “heavy” to me when I drag them off, taking out the negative energy.

I consider Hot Stones massage to be a very pampering massage and while some deep work can be done I don’t consider Hot Stone Massage to be a Deep Tissue Massage. The benefits of Hot Stone Massage come more from the heat and energy balancing and I recommend it for anyone looking for the therapy of Deep Tissue Massage without the intensity of a Deep Tissue Massage. If you prefer Deep Tissue I recommend receiving a Hot Stone Massage the day after a Deep Tissue Massage, the heated massage does wonders for the sourness that can occur after Deep Tissue.