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More Specialties

In addition to the massages listed above, I also offer the following. Plus you can add a Tai Chi lesson to any massage!

I Wish Travis Burt Lived Closer

To this traveler, there are no more reassuring hands. I wish Travis Burt lived closer to London.

Ian McKellen

The Best Therapist I Have Come Across

I have traveled the world receiving massages. I use them not as a means to relax, as much as an integral part of keeping healthy. This is why I personally enjoy a deep tissue message to fight stress, jet lag and stiffness caused by my every day life. Since it is such a routine and necessary part of my life, I can honestly say Travis Burt stands out as the best therapist I have come across. It is not an exaggeration to call him the best in the world.

Michael Haussman

I Would Highly Recommend Him to Anyone

Travis has been massaging me and my husband for the past few years. He is always on time and extremely professional. And of course, he gives a wonderful massage. He gets to the root of any problem I’ve had physically using both his knowledge of human anatomy and his intuition. After my first massage with him, I noticed changes immediately with a long-standing injury I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Lisa Brenner

It Was a Wonderful Experience

Travis Burt recently gave me a Craniosacral Massage and it was a wonderful experience. After the massage I felt unbounded joy and a lightness of heart that I am still carrying with me now. I believe that everyone could benefit from Travis’ Craniosacral Massage. He is an intuitive massage therapist who understands the spiritual aspect of his work. I’m thrilled to have found him, as I’m sure you will be too.

Michele Barone